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I watched Sucker Punch and I liked it.

I know, I'm like two weeks late. But better late than never, right? Can ya blame a girl for being busy? :p

I didn't know what to expect cause it had gotten really mixed reviews. All I knew was that Zack Snyder had directed it -- and since I loved 300 and thought Watchmen was okay -- I knew I had to give Sucker Punch a chance.

And it didn't disappoint. Sure, the plot wasn't that ~deep. But I didn't find it shallow either. To stretch it a bit, it reminds me of Inception with its blending of reality and layerful of fantasies. Also, I dig any movie that shows that GIRLS CAN KICK ASS. Sucker Punch is kinda like Kill Bill meets Deathproof, if I may.

As expected with any Zack Snyder movie, the visuals were amazing; I am such a sucker for eye candy. Soundtrack was fuckawesome too. But what really blew me away? THE COSTUMES. OMG I LOVED EVERY OUTFIT, AND EVEN THOUGH IT'S STILL FIVE MONTHS AWAY, I ALREADY KNOW THAT I WANT TO DRESS UP AS BABY DOLL OR HALLOWEEN. lol
I think I see the appeal in cosplay now. Hmm...

The only thing I was rather disappointed with were the so-so stunts and action scenes. I was like, Zack Snyder, dude, you could have done better. Then again, I don't think the people really mind that kind of thing when all the stars are hot chicks. Seriously, three-quarters of the crowd I watched with were BOYS. 

All in all, I guess it's really a you-either-hate-it-or-you-love-it kind of movie. You know you like a movie when as soon as it ends, you want to watch it all over again.

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