Queen Bitch ♛ (twilightdazzle) wrote,
Queen Bitch ♛

guess who's back

Remember my last post? Well, pretend it never happened. lol

To be clear, I quit law school. I lasted about 3 weeks before I realized I just couldn't go on anymore. And it wasn't just because of the truckload of assignments and the grueling recitations the day after... I also wasn't happy. I thought I'd enjoy the challenge; I was sorely mistaken.

I have no regrets though. I gained experience and I gained friends. And though I may never have the title 'Atty' attached to my name, I'm okay. I'll live. :)
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LOL, that's okay you can be amazing doing something else.

Like... shopping. Instead of paying for that expensive tuition. :P
Right on!

We can rule the world in other ways, right?

How about you? Is employed life treating you any better? :)
LOL, still stressful. It's not like there's actually a job in this country that'll let you have that perfect life. Iono, it's weird. I should be complaining about being so exhausted but it's like I'm on autopilot. I just don't know how long this'll last though. :\
aww bb, it gets better. trust me. i spent the first few months of my job wallowing in depression and self-pity because i wasn't enjoying what i was doing. but then you realize that not everything is handed to you on a silver platter. we have to work to get to where we want. our lives were so easy in school (well, comparatively at least) that entering the labor force takes some adjustment. just remember, "this too shall pass". :)

/rant over. sorry
Haha. I'm just wallowing over the fact that I seem to have lost my social life. Not that it was glamorous to begin with, but I do miss the days when endless days of doing nothing was just right under your fingertips.

Of course, no job-no vacay. Life sucks sometimes. :P
ilu bb! I'm glad you feel like you made the right choice!

Danke darling! It was a difficult choice, and as cheesy and cliche this sounds, sometimes you just really have to listen to your heart over your head. :)
so true! I'm so glad you're happy! <3