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I recently discovered this local indie musician through the radio, and he has just blown me away.
His cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" is probably the most touching and heartbreaking rendition I've ever heard.
Dare I say it's even better than the original. (Now don't throw bricks at me; God knows how much I love Coldplay).

You can download the full song here.
You can also listen to his other covers and original singles at his youtube channel.

wishlist '10
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Every year,  I try to come up with a Christmas wishlist. This was mine last year.
This year, surprisingly enough, I could only think of two things I want.

Fuck the iPad. I want the new Mac Air.

And more travels abroad next year!


to gift or not to gift
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Moral dilemma: Is it okay to recycle gifts?

With the holiday season in full blast and Kris Kringles and Secret Santas all abound, shopping for gifts can get crazy.
You give and you receive. Sometimes you get things that aren't exactly your cup of tea...
Personally, I think it's fine to give away those gifts to people you think would get more of a use out of them.
It beats throwing them out or just letting them build dust in a storage somewhere, right?

What are your thoughts about this?

deathly hallows
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Just got back from watching Harry Potter and I'm making such a complete mess of myself.
I'm fangirling everywhere about it.
This movie really is one of the best of the lot, and I just want to watch it again and again until the 2nd part comes out.
Actually, I never want the series to end because it would be like saying RIP to a huge chunk of my childhood. :(

So who's seen it? What was your favorite part? I need to fangirl with a fellow HP geek. :)

This was my favorite scene. I was torn between laughing and crying. (Although I was sobbing up for a good part of the movie.)


gwen stefani
Say what you want about Kanye West, but the man is a visionary and knows how to make a good music video.

Selita Ebanks being a fierce bitch y'all

Stanley Kubrick as inspiration? Amazing.

The ballet dancers were my favorite element.

The Last Supper

regret is my shadow
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I've been a walking zombie the past few weeks. I don't think I've mentioned this yet, but about a month ago, I moved to a different company because they gave me a better job offer. If it was just me, I would never have left my previous company because I had finally settled in, made friends, and was happy. But no, the better part of me was blinded by the $$$, and pressure from family and friends to move to the bigger company made me cave in.

And now, I'm wondering if I ever made the right decision because my current work is toxic, toxic and toxic. And I'm not talking about Britney-Spears-sexy toxic, I'm talking about toxic, hectic stress I feel like I'm going to die.

Anyway, enough of the rant. Here are a few photos from the trip I posted about a while ago.

Simply AsiaCollapse )

back from malaysia-singapore
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First off, I want to thank  whaddyasay and tristantrakand for all the recommendations. My companions had a pretty clear idea of where they wanted to go (as they'd been to SG before), but I thought it'd be nice to ask for outside advice to spice up the itinerary a bit.

I don't want to compare cities, and say "Oh I enjoyed KL more than Singapore" or vice-versa, because I loved both cities in their own right. I loved the diversity most especially, how sometimes you weren't really sure if you were looking at a Malay, Chinese or Indian. Asian power FTW.

The Filipinos however are an entirely different thing. There were a few times when my friend and I would get lost and argue over the directions, and strangers would come up to us all of a sudden (Filipinos nonetheless) and point us in the right way. <3

gwen stefani
I'm going to Malaysia and Singapore this weekend to visit a friend and to tour around as well.
For anyone who's been there, if you have any tips or recommendations on must-visit places, lemme know! :)

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and listening to...

if you like it, then you shoulda put a jazz feel to it
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I could listen to Sara Bareilles' voice all day...


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